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How to Find a Genuine Bangladesh Overruns Supplier

How to Find a Genuine Bangladesh Overruns Supplier

bangladesh overruns supplier

Those who have tried to buy overruns from Bangladesh have faced some serious challenges. One of the biggest challenges is how to determine which overruns are genuine and which are fake. The other challenge is identifying the right overruns supplier. Luckily, it’s not as hard as it might seem. With a little research, you’ll be able to find a legitimate supplier.

What are overruns?

During the implementation of projects in Bangladesh, there have been numerous time and cost overruns. The reasons behind these overruns vary from lack of capability of implementing agencies to funding uncertainty. This is why the government must ensure that projects are properly planned. This will ensure the efficiency of the project and avoid corruption. The government also needs to implement a strong accountability mechanism.

The Planning Commission notes that the cost of projects has increased in various sectors, such as consultancy, walkway construction and environmental assessment. In addition, the Planning Commission notes that time costs are also increasing. While the preliminary data analysis shows that the cost overruns are negligible, it is important to note that the causes behind the overruns are unknown. This is why the government needs to implement a strong accountability mechanism to ensure the proper implementation of projects.

How many garments factories are in Bangladesh?

Despite its reputation for low wages, Bangladesh’s garment industry is the second largest in the world. It has become a leading exporter of apparel and foreign exchange. However, its performance is under fire. It has become the victim of several disasters. One of the most infamous accidents happened at the Rana Plaza factory in April 2013. It collapsed and killed almost 1,200 workers.

In the midst of global attention, Bangladesh’s garment industry faced major challenges. Among the problems were global lockdowns, order reductions, and payment delays. All three triggered renegotiating of terms.

Bangladesh’s RMG sector has been able to diversify its product offerings and increase its production capacity. However, the value of its RMG exports fell by 17 percent in the first year of the pandemic.

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